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Residential curbside recycle service is available in all city limits and many urban growth boundaries. If you have garbage service or if service is provided for you, there is no extra cost for the service. For those of you who live outside these areas, we have recycle depots at all our transfer sites. Newsprint depots are also placed at Ray’s Grocery Stores in Brookings and Gold Beach.


CTR Residential Cars

We estimate that on average; at least 30% of your trash can easily be recycled without much effort. Just drop these items into the blue or yellow bin

Learn more about what happens with your recycled materials at Curry Transfer Recycling


  • Paper products—corrugated cardboard; paper bags; press board like cereal or beverage boxes; and newsprint. Shredded paper and office type paper is acceptable if secured in a paper bag. Loose paper will scatter and create a mess.

  • Plastic—bottles; jugs; and tubs. 6 oz. minimum and 5 gallon maximum. Clean plant containers are acceptable. Caps screwed on are fine; just squeeze the bottle and screw it on so it doesn’t pop off when compacted. No snap-on lids please

  • Tin and aluminum cans. Lids are ok if still attached. If loose, put inside and crimp the can so it doesn’t come out.

  • Glass bottles and jars are fine in the blue bin if your bin is not too full. Place them to the side so that your collector can get to them easily. Your collector will grab the glass jars and bottles first then he will dump the remaining items in a separate compartment. If your bin is regularly full each week, we can provide you with a yellow glass-only bin.

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Where does my Trash and Recycling go?

Monday through Saturday, trash in Curry County is collected on residential and commercial routes in garbage or recycles trucks, or self-hauled to one of our four transfer stations.

CTR Residential Cars

The day’s garbage is prepared at the transfer stations for transport to permitted facilities. Material that cannot be recycled is processed and placed daily into two to four large semi- trailers and then transported to Dry Creek Landfill located in White City just east of Medford.

Recycle material is baled and trucked to paper mills, glass or electronic waste processors, or Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) where your commingled recycled material is sorted and then sent to paper, plastic, or metal processors.

CTR Transfer Station
CTR Recycle Sorting
CTR Recycled Paper

Transfer stations are not landfills or dumps. Modern day landfills are well-engineered, well controlled land disposal sites for solid, non-hazardous waste in which delivered wastes are spread and compacted in layers a few feet thick. At least once a day the wastes are covered with a layer of earth and then compacted again. Some of us remember open dumps where one backed a pick-up truck or trailer and off loaded trash onto a heap of waste. These open dumps have been closed and are no longer legal to operate.

About Dry Creek Landfill

CTR Residential Cars

Dry Creek Landfill was opened in 1974. In 1998 the unlined portion of the landfill was closed and covered. Prior to that, construction began on cell #2, a fully lined facility with an engineering design that exceeds environmental standards set by the U.S. EPA. All necessary permits were obtained to accept municipal solid waste.

The liner system includes layers of 60-mil-thick textured HDPE material, low permeability soil and a leachate (rain water that filters through the trash) collection and removal system. Each lined cell that is constructed has approximately three years capacity and costs approximately $380,000 per acre.

When a cell has reached capacity it is covered with a system similar to the liner and costs approximately $350,000 per acre to close.

Dry Creek Landfill’s projected operational life exceeds 100 years under any scenario.

Dry Creek Landfill is a regional facility with an active methane gas collection and control system in place and is currently accepting waste from six different counties. The facility produces electricity for 3,200 homes and this energy will continue to be produced for the next century based off of current methane forecast and closure schedule of the landfill.



Depending on your volume of recycle material, we can set you up with a recycle cart ranging from 32 to 96 gallons. For larger volumes we have dumpster style cages. Contact our office to speak to a customer service representative about rates and options that best fit your business needs.

We offer the following options:

  • Commingle Cart—paper, plastic, cans
  • Commingle Dumpster
  • Cardboard Only Dumpster


All of our Transfer Depots accept all types of recycling items. There is no charge for the following items

Plastic tubs, jugs, and bottles (6 oz. to 5 gallons); newsprint; glass bottles and jars; corrugated cardboard, pressboard, paper egg cartons, and brown paper bags; aluminum and metal cans, office paper.

We also accept these items—*fees apply

  • Electronic waste—no charge for televisions; computers, monitors, laptops, keyboards, mice, and printers.
  • *Electronic waste—fees apply—copiers, DVD/VCR players, cell phones, stereos and components.
  • Car batteries
  • *Motor oil (no charge at the Carpenterville site)
  • Metal- Item must be all or nearly all metal.
  • *Tires