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Curbside garbage service is available in nearly all Curry County and City locations. We can match your needs with the right size container ranging from our smallest 20 gallon can to our largest size of 96 gallons. Most city and county locations are serviced weekly. Some rural and very rural locations are serviced every-other-week or monthly.

The five most important guidelines for your first service day are:

  • Put your cart out the night before your service day. The safest time to service our routes is while you are sleeping. Our drivers start very early in the morning, so we don’t want to miss you.

  • Place your cart with the wheels to the back of a real or imaginary curb so that your lid opens up facing the road. This will ensure that all your garbage falls into the truck.

  • Space your cart at least 3 to 4 feet from your recycle container or your neighbors cart and 6 feet from any stationary object like a vehicle or mailbox. The arm of the truck needs to grab the container without obstruction from another object.

  • Bagging your garbage cuts down on debris escaping from your cart or getting stuck inside and not completely emptying out. Double bagging helps when you have critter problems.

  • If you have large bulky items or occasional extra garbage that won’t fit in your container, or need to do a one-time clean-up project, contact us and we can let you know what your options and cost are.

  • What happens when your garbage day falls on a holiday? Put your cart out as scheduled. We do not interrupt or delay service.

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Curry Transfer and Recycling's 35-gallon garbage can